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SpamExperts Email Security

Enterprise email security

Purchasing SpamExperts

Login to your purely.domains control panel, using the top menu click Services, Email Security, Then the Details button

Scroll down to the heading, Sign Up and Get Started and select the product you wish to purchase. Click Order now

Now you can either choose an existing domain you have registered with us, or purchase this product for a domain hosted elsewhere. You can also configure the Payment term.

Once you’ve chosen your domain and payment term, click Checkout. Proceed through the payment process.

Setting up your domain

To get the Email Security working with your domain name you need to change your MX records.

You will need to manually add the following using the MX record guide.

mx1-uk.spamexperts.com (priority 10)
mx2-uk.spamexperts.com (priority 20)
mx3-uk.spamexperts.com (priority 30)
mx4-uk.spamexperts.com (priority 40)

Note: If you have any existing MX records, they will need removing and replacing with the above.

That’s it, No further configuration is required . An email will be routed through the SpamExperts Cloud System , Spam filtered out, and the resulting clean emails forwarded on to your local mail server.

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