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Ox App Suite

In this guide we will walk you through the full setup of the Ox App Suite product

How to purchase

Note: You already need to own a domain name to use this product with, this domain can be registered with us or elsewhere.

Login to your purely.domains account, from the main menu click Services then Email & Productivity then click Details.

Choose the product you wish to purchase, in this guide we will be choosing the OX App Suite + Productivity package, scroll to the bottom of the comparison table and click Buy Now

You now have a few options, the payment term, yearly or monthly (This can be set via the drop down, middle right) and what domain name to use.

If you wish to use a domain name registered with us, click the Choose Existing Domain tab and select from the drop down. If you wish to use an eternal domain select Domain I already Own and enter the domain. Once you’ve made your choice click Check Out.

Do not include either http:// https:// or the www. part of your domain. Just domain.extension


Confirm all the details are correct, click the blue checkout button

Setting up the domain

Now the product has been ordered and setup, we need to link it up with our domain name. This is done by updating the domains DNS settings. The MX (mail exchange) records direct emails to your new email service. The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record is an email authentication protocol that domain owners use to specify the email servers they send email from, making it harder for fraudsters to spoof sender information.

If you are using the purely.domains nameservers

If your domain is already making us of the purely.domains nameservers, a.pipe.co & b.pipe.co we can easily assign a premade OxApp DNS set to our domain.

To assign these MX records, head over to the DNS management section of the control panel, find the domain you wish to add the records to.

mx001.cloudus.rs.oxcs.net (priority 10) 
mx002.cloudus.rs.oxcs.net (priority 10)
mx003.cloudus.rs.oxcs.net (priority 10) 
mx004.cloudus.rs.oxcs.net (priority 10)

Its recommended to manually add your SPF records. The following needs to be added as a TXT record:

"v=spf1 include:spf.cloudus.rs.oxcs.net ~all"

If you are using external nameservers

If your domains making use of external nameservers you will need to manually add the MX and SPF records. These are:

MX Records:

mx001.cloudus.rs.oxcs.net (priority 10)
mx002.cloudus.rs.oxcs.net (priority 10)
mx003.cloudus.rs.oxcs.net (priority 10)
mx004.cloudus.rs.oxcs.net (priority 10)

SPF Record:

"v=spf1 include:spf.cloudus.rs.oxcs.net ~all"

Creating your mailbox

Now the product is purchased and we’ve setup our DNS records we are ready to create the actual email address/mailbox.

Make sure you are logged in to your purely.domains account and visit the client area, click the home button. Under the Email & Productivity heading, make sure the domain you want to add the new mailbox to is selected and click Manage.

Now you will be presented with the Email accounts management page, to setup a new mailbox the + Create User button.

Enter your first name, last name, display name, the first part of your new email address, eg. info, then use the generate button to create a secure password. Click the Add button to finish creating the mailbox.

Accessing webmail

Your webmail can be accessed either via the manage services page within your control panel or via the following direct link, https://us.appsuite.cloud/appsuite 

The login would be your full email address and the associated password

Setting up your email client

This email can be added to a number of email clients, they also offer a standalone email app for android and iPhone

If you wish to set this up with Outlook, Mac Mail or similar the details you need to use can be found within the Email & Productivity section of your control panel. First login to the client services page, then click on the Manage button under the heading Email & Productivity.

Within the Email Client Settings tab you will find all the relevant details for your account


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