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Adding SRV Records

How to add an SRV record to your domain name.

Please note: Before proceeding you will need to ensure you have created a DNS zone.

  1. Click on the edit icon next to your domains DNS zone
  2. Click the blue Add Record button
  3. Set Type to SRV

    Name: In this field we add the following within one line, describes of the service, the type of port which the service is listening on and the subdomain you want the service on, here is an example: _ts3._udp.tsTTL: Set how many seconds will elapse before the record is refreshed in the DNS cache

    RDATA: Enter the IPv4 of the web server

    Weight: This is only used if you have multiple endpoints for your application. It’s to help with balancing the load between different servers. Most of the time this can be set to “0” (zero) as it’s not required

    Port: This is the port number for the application you’re using. In our example, it could be something random like 9742.

    Target: The target has to be a valid A record which points to an IP address. You can’t directly use an IP address in this section

  4. Click the green Add Record button.

That’s it. You’ve now created an SRV record. Please note any DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to apply.

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