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Connecting your domain to WIX

In this guide we are going to go through the process of pointing your domain name to WIX.

Wix supports two methods to do this, either via updating your domains nameservers, or creating A records and C NAME records, the recommended method is Nameservers, but if you have any other DNS records configured you would need to duplicate these over to WIX too

Method 1 – Namesevers

  1. Login to your purely.domains account, click on My Domains page, On the domain you wish to use, click the drop down menu icon, and click Manage Nameservers
  2. Tick Use custom nameservers, now enter the following two nameserver and click Change nameservers,
  3. Wait 24 hours for the DNS to propagate

Method 2 – A record / IP address

While signed into your Wix account, check this page to view the correct details you need to use. The below is just an example.

  1. A record for pointing to*
  2. CNAME record for www pointing to www192.wixdns.net
  3. CNAME record for m pointing to www192.wixdns.net*

Once the records have been added, login to your WIX account to verify the domain connection, step 3 of this guide https://support.wix.com/en/article/connecting-a-domain-to-the-wix-name-servers

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