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How do automatic domain renewals work?

How are auto-renewals handled? 

Auto-renewal is enabled on all newly registered domains. You can turn off auto-renewal for a domain , however you will have to manually renew it, which involves risks of forgetting to renew the domain and potential service disruption as a result.

Invoices are generated 2 weeks prior to the renewal date. It is then another week before attempts to charge the payment method chosen are made before proceeding with the renewal process.

If there are any problems processing the payment at this point, the process then allows a week for you to correct your payment details so that you don’t end up losing your domain and proceeding to have a loss of service because of this.

We will always notify you via the email address registered on your account when the invoices are generated. It may be a good idea to check your spam emails in case they are not visible in your inbox as well as ensuring your contact details are up to date.

My domain auto-renewed and payment has been taken. Can I get a refund? 

It is not possible to undo a renewal of a domain after the renewal has been processed and completed. Any renewed domains that have successfully completed the renewal process are therefore non-refundable. If you wish to avoid the domain being renewed in the future, you will need to ensure you turn off auto-renewal.

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