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What are IPS tags and how are they used?

In this article we will explain what IPS tags are, and how they are used by Nominet to help manage the .uk domain names.

IPS tags are specific to .uk domain names. Nominet is the Internet Registry for .uk domain names and most .uk domain registrations are managed through a domain registrar.

Each .uk domain registrar is require to have a unique IPS tag. The IPS (Internet Provider Security) tags are unique identifiers used by Nominet to identify the domain name registrar that is responsible for managing a .uk domain name on behalf of the registrant and shows that they are a member of Nominet. To identify the registrar of a particular domain name, the IPS tag (and the registrar’s name) will be displayed on the WHOIS details, which can be found by doing a WHOIS search.

The format of the tag is a single alpha-numeric sequence, all in capital letters.

Our IPS tag is PIPETEN.

These IPS tags are mainly used for domain name transfers and other administrative functions related to .uk domains.

Some providers choose to use the “handshake” system where they will need to approve the transfer in prior to changing the TAG in order for the transfer to be accepted. We do not use the handshake system on incoming transfers, so all transfers will be automatically accepted. If you are transferring a domain name away, please check with your new provider if they have this process in place so that they will accept the transfer once you have changed the IPS tag.

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