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How much does a .storage domain cost? How to buy a .storage domain

Register your .storage domain today! A .storage domain provides the perfect TLD for storage facilities, storage management companies, and moving companies that offer a storage component. This TLD creates an identifiable and credible namespace that the storage industry can use to better guide customers in finding the right services online. .storage opens up possibilities by establishing a more targeted market.

How to buy a .storage domain and how much does a .storage domain cost?
1. You can check if a .storage domain name is available for registration by using the domain checker facility.
2. If the domain name is taken, you can then click to view the whois details to find out who owns the domain name.
3. If the domain is available for registration, then you just need to follow the instructions on screen to complete the registration of the domain name for yourself.

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Technical information
Registration years 1-10
Transferable Yes
ID Protection supported Yes
Registration restrictions None

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