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Why was my domain name transfer cancelled?

There are various reasons a domain transfer between registrars may be cancelled.

  • Failed Authorisation: The domain name owner has not approved the transfer in time. This is be done via an email sent to the admin contact email address of the domain name, requesting the authorisation code.
  • Domain Lock: The domain name being transferred is locked. If the domain is currently with us it can be unlocked within your online control panel.
  • Incorrection Authorisation Code: The incorrect auth code was used. If the domain is currently with us, you can re-request the auth code from your online control panel.
  • Domain Name Expiry: If the domain name has expired or is due for renewal during the transfer process, the transfer may be cancelled. Some registrars cancel transfer requests if the domain name is close to its expiration date to prevent unauthorised transfers of expired domains.
  • Registry Policy: Some domain registries have specific policies or restrictions that may prevent transfers under certain circumstances. For example, certain registries restrict transfers of newly registered domains for a specified period of time, usually when a domain name less than 60 days old.
  • Legal Issues or Disputes: If there are legal issues, disputes, or conflicts regarding the ownership or control of a domain name, the transfer may be cancelled or put on hold until such issues are resolved.
  • Fraud Prevention: Registrars may cancel transfer requests if they suspect fraudulent activity or if there are security concerns regarding the transfer.
  • Technical Errors: Occasionally, technical errors with the domain registration system or a registry or registrars’ systems can lead to transfer cancellations.

It is essential that domain name registrants or owners ensure that they follow the proper procedures when initiating a domain name transfer to avoid potential cancellations or delays. Good communication with both the gaining and losing registrars can help address any issues that may arise during the transfer process.

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