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Remote access to MySQL

While remote access to MySQL server is permitted on a per IP and username basis, it is necessary for restrictions to exist on the database service to prevent resource/other abuse of the services and potential performance or availability impact to other customers, these include:

  • Remote access to database services (direct access to the services port using remote client) is provided for administrative purposes only and subject to removal without notice.
  • In circumstances where remote access is not directly available web based tools for backup and administration are always provided as alternatives.
  • It is not permitted to use the database services to operate applications or websites being hosted outside of the purely network infrastructure.
  • Operations using an unfair amount of resources may be limited or blocked should it put at risk the stability or performance of other users of the service.

For guaranteed remote access or using our database services with remotely hosted applications, please contact the support team.

Remote access for administrative purposes can be configured in the control panel under Website > Databases > Database > Database Users > Remote access IP.

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