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Using IMAP Sync to migrate mailboxes

To help migrate customers email from our legacy hosting accounts at over to the new hosting we have created a web based tool using the fantastic IMAP sync software by Gilles Lamiral.

Please note: This guide is only available for Pipe Ten/ customers and is provided as is without guarantee or warranty. This guide also presumes you have setup your mailboxes in the control panel but not yet updated the nameservers from the legacy hosted domains.

  1. Ensure all the mailboxes you wish to migrate are setup in the control panel and you have their associated passwords to hand.
  2. Visit in a new tab
  3. In the Old Mailbox form, enter the full legacy mailbox email address you wish to migrate over and the associated password.
  4. In the New Mailbox form, enter the hostname, the full new mailbox email address and the associated password, click Submit.
  5. The Submit button, should now change to Please wait. Be patient, the tool can take a little while to complete, if all is well you should see something similar to the following,
    Finished! Sync finished successfully. 
    You can close this page now. 
    Summary: Total Transfer Time: 6.5 sec 
    Total Folders Synced: 5/5 
    Total Messages Transferred: 114 
    Messages Skipped (Already on the new account): 0 
    Messages Average Transfer Rate: 17.4 messages/s
  6. That’s it, your email has now been transferred over to your new mailbox, you can now repeat with any others and then when ready update the nameservers to point your domain to your new hosting.
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