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Configuring DNS in

To make use of the DNS services within the control panel you first need to be making use of the nameservers,

You can find the DNS settings in the control panel by clicking,
  • Websites, click the domain you wish to work on
  • Click Domains, again click on the domain you want to manage the DNS records on, click DNS Records.
Here you will see all the default built in DNS records.
  • You can add your own custom records by clicking Add Record
  • Selecting the Type from the dropdown
  • Enter the Hostname/IP address as required, set the TTL (the default is fine), click Create

You can remove any default built in DNS records by clicking the Kebab (3 dots) menu and clicking Delete

If you wish to create a DNS record for the origin or root of domain itself, you would need to use the @ symbol.

Example: If I wanted to point to the IP address You would select an A record, enter @ as the hostname then as the IP address.

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