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How to add an additional domain

Our hosting packages are designed for one application, such as WordPress, but if you wish to add a new domain with a simple HTML or PHP site then this can be done using the following guides. If you do need hosting for more applications, then we recommend purchasing a new package.

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Using the left menu, click Websites, then click on the website you would like to add an additional domain to.
  3. Using the top menu, click domains, then Add domain.
  4. Here you will see 3 options, Addon, Subdomain and Alias. In this guide we are going to use the Addon option. Enter your domain minus the www. part.
  5. For the document root, if we wish to use separate domain contents for the site, then we need to change this. I recommend just using the domain name minus the domain extension, e.g. yourdomain.
  6. Your domain has been added, but we need to manually create the domain folder. Using the top menu, click files, New, Folder. Enter the name you chose for your domain folder, in this example its yourdomain. Click Create.
  7. You can now upload your contents to this folder and update your nameservers on the domain when ready to go live.
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