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How to enable DKIM on your domain

You can set up DKIM to help protect against email spoofing & phishing, and help prevent your email messages from being marked as spam.

Spoofing is a type of email attack that changes the from address of an email message not sent make it appear to be from the impersonated domain name. What DKIM does is detect when a message has been modified and when unauthorised changes are made to the message and therefore helps protect against spoofing, phishing and prevent your email messages being flagged as spam.

Enabling DKIM via the control panel will only work if your domain name is using our nameservers.

  • Login to theĀ control panel.
  • Click Websites then choose the domain name you wish to enable DKIM for.
  • Click on the Domains menu item.
  • Again click on the domain you want to enable DKIM on.
  • Under the heading Email authentication click to toggle DKIM.
  • That’s it, the control panel will automatically add the DKIM DNS record to your domain name.

Note as this is a DNS record, it can take up to 24 hours to apply.

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